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SpotifyStatusApplet – an LCD applet for the Logitech Gaming keyboard family.

From version 1.2, the field titles (Track, Album and Artist) can be toggled on/off by pressing “soft key 1”, the first key underneath the LCD on most models.

From version 1.3, the song playback can be controlled via the soft keys: 2 – previous, 3 – play/pause toggle, 4 -next.

The source code is available at


The applet is provided as a zip file that can be extracted to any location. In order to run this software .Net Framework 4+ is required.

Latest Release (v1.3 Beta 1)

Previous Release (v1.2 Beta 1)

Latest Stable (v1.1)


  • v1.3 Beta – Fix critical bug with newer versions of Spotify. Added soft key playback control.
  • v1.2 Beta – Added ability to toggle Field titles.
  • v1.1 – Stable functional release.


SpotifyStatusApplet runs as a tray icon. Once launched, the icon can be right-clicked to bring up a context menu that allows the application to be exited.

SpotifyStatusApplet is dependent on:

– An instance of Spotify running (of course!). The applet utilises the Spotify service SpotifyWebHelper.exe to access information, further details are available at Spotify Local API
– A compatible Logitech Gaming Keyboard with LCD and official Logitech drivers / software installed. The software has only been tested on a G510 to date but support for all LCD equipped devices is expected.
– Windows and .Net. Tested on Windows 10 64-bit and .Net Framework 4+.


18 thoughts on “SpotifyStatusApplet

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  2. Tried it with the LCD in my Logitech Z10 speakers, but it doesn’t show up. After some experimenting, it finally showed up in the Win7 (64bit) systray, but no effect.

  3. Great!!! it works!!! and an easy install. One question: could you make the second button “add song to your music”? Biggest issue i have right now is having to alt tab every time I find a song i like.

  4. After a certain period of freezing. It does not respond. I have to close the program and run it again. Other than that, it is almost a smooth application.

  5. 1.2 Beta is confirmed working with the latest version of the Logitech software (8.91.48) for my Logitech G15 on Windows 10…on a Macbook Pro running boot camp. Excellent job!

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