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This blog has been a little quiet in 2019. After a days work it can be hard to think of something worth blogging that isn’t tied to my working day, and without inspiration it becomes difficult to muster up the energy to write anything.

So I’ve decided to create a framework for blogging: a single post, once a week, that reviews a different game in a maximum of 200 words.

To kick things off I’ll start with Crusader Kings II.

Poor Princess Sofie, the end of her life was crap

Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game where you rule over things. This could be a small county, a country, kingdom or continent spanning empire.

Your character in this game is your dynasty. When your current avatar dies, control (and your lands) are passed to the heir. This generally upsets everyone. It becomes important to have an heir that rubs along well with others, so much of the game is spent planning, politicking, plotting and in promiscuity in the pursuit of perfection.

I’ve only played this as a family building the Kingdom of Wales, which grew to Ireland and Brittany but all ended in tears. The start of the downfall? The successful assassination of my wife via manure explosion. 

This game has such great depth and I sadly only ever scratched the surface. From scouting the planet to find the perfect council members and betrothed for my children, to putting up with domestic disputes.

My overarching impression was that Crusader Kings II is a mix between searching through electronics mail order catalogues trying to piece together some weird board and being in charge of the stories in Eastenders.

Recommended? Yes

Investment required? Lots

Tips? Don’t imprison your heirs

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