I am a senior software engineer that specializes in Internet and web protocols like HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and QUIC.

I presently work at Cloudflare on the Protocols team who own Layer 4 and Layer 7 termination and proxying, helping to improve the security and performance of Internet-facing services. In this role I focus on the application-layer enhancements made possible by leading edge developments in the underpinning protocols. As part of that I’m a co-maintainer of quiche, an open source library for HTTP/3 and QUIC written in Rust.

I also participate in open standards groups. I’m the co-chair of the IETF QUIC Working Group, where I helped (alongside many contributors) deliver QUIC version 1 in the form of RFC 9000. Now that’s shipped, the group is focused on building new extensions and capabilities on top. I’m also active in the HTTP Working Group, working on new schemes for concurrent request prioritization, and HTTP integrity mechanisms. I also participate in the W3C and I’m a board member of the UK government’s Open Standards Board.

If you’d like to get in touch, the best place is twitter @SimmerVigor. Otherwise, go check out the Contact page.


The following list is a collection openly available publications beyond this blog that I have authored or co-authored.

Internet Drafts and RFCs:

Blog Posts: