Dicey Dungeons is a delightful duende

Dicey Dungeons is a roguelike where you roll dice in dungeons. The premise is a game show but it reminds me more of The Running Man than Wheel of Fortune.

Anthropomorphic die uses non-anthropomorphic die to attack charming Honey Monster in a space suit

This game has simple mechanics on the surface but steadily grows in complexity and difficulty; each successful run is meted with a failed spin of the not-wheel-of-fortune wheel and an unlock of a new character or challenge. Each of these tweaks the core mechanics in a way that makes the next run unique and interesting.

Dicey Dungeons was originally a 7DRL game jam entry. I will admit that although I am a fan of Terry Cavanagh’s other games, I was not initially enamoured with that version.

Terry Cavanagh’s animation of the 7DRL entry shared on itch.io – https://itch.io/jam/7drl-challenge-2018/rate/234586

However, the released version of the game is just pure joy. The design is delectable – the characters are charming and the sound design is spot-on. The music track reminds me of 90s game shows such as Catchphrase, Strike it Lucky and the Krypton Factor. Cutscenes pepper the action just enough without getting in the way, the dialog is sharp and the wit is cutting.

Stereohead is the best character

Recommended? Yes

Investment required? Easy to learn, hard to master

Tips? Overconfidence has consequences. The Kraken is an arse.

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