SpotifyStatusApplet 1.1

Version 1.0.0
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Create Date January 31, 2015
Last Updated January 31, 2015
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SpotifyStatusApplet 1.1

Binaries & Installation

Binaries are available at

The applet is provided as a zip file that can be extracted to any location.


SpotifyStatusApplet runs as a tray icon. Once launched, the icon can be right-clicked to bring up a context menu that allows the application to be exited.

is dependent on:

- An instance of Spotify running (of course!). The applet utilises the Spotify service SpotifyWebHelper.exe to access information, further details are available at Spotify Local API -
- A compatible Logitech Gaming Keyboard with LCD and official Logitech drivers / software installed. The software has only been tested on a G510 to date but support for all LCD equipped devices is expected.
- Windows and .Net. Tested on Windows 7 64-bit and .Net Framework 4.